Cadet LFlyer


The Cadet Leadership Academy is an 18 week course teaching life skills at an early age.

Recruits are taught lessons on a variety of topics by experts in the subject. Classes range from ethics and morality to finance and health. Possibly the greatest reward of this program is the social interaction that cadets have with like-minded peers that are driven to succeed. By the time they graduate, these recruits have been instilled with a sense of character and  pride that cannot be quantified.

Check out this short clip of an academy class!

 The current LAPD Cadet Leadership Academy is now in session. 

The next Academy begins July 30th! 

The Cadet Academy is currently in session and any new recruits will not be allowed to attend until July 30th.  Interested applicants can attend their  weekly Cadet meetings and prepare themselves for the Academy!

Download the application from this page and take it to your nearest LAPD Police Station.