The Cadet Leadership Academy meets on Saturdays for 15-consecutive weeks and is designed to help Recruits lay the foundation for their future as an LAPD Cadet. Through academics, physical training and drill, Recruits develop teamwork, leadership, and a variety of basic law enforcement skills that they will be able to use throughout their time as a Cadet as well as in their everyday lives.

As is the case for every sworn LAPD officer, no day in the life of a Recruit or Cadet is the same as the one before; but if you want to get a glimpse of what life in the Academy is like, check out the “A Day in the Life of a Recruit” section.

A Day in the Life of a Recruit
0715 hrs – 0800 hrs   Arrival @ ARTC
0800 hrs – 0845 hrs  Roll Call
0845 hrs – 1015 hrs  Classroom
1015 hrs – 1145 hrs  Physical Training
1145 hrs – 1215 hrs  Code 7 (Lunch)
1215 hrs – 1345 hrs  Classroom
1345 hrs – 1400 hrs  Cleanup Classroom
1400  hrs –  1410 hrs Recruit assembly and dismissal

Know Your Military Time
LAPD uses military time in almost all of its operations. Instead of the standard 12 hour clock, military time utilizes a 24 hour clock, which begins at midnight (0000 hours).

If You’re Not Early, Then You’re Late
From 0730 hrs to 0800 hrs is the typical arrival time for recruits attending the Cadet Academy. But your day starts earlier, as before showing up at the Ahmanson Recruit Training Center, or “ARTC”; you will be expected to meet the rest of your Cadet Post at the station to which you are assigned. Once you’re all together, your Youth Services Officer (YSO) will drive all of you over to the training center as a group. Once there, you will all fall into formation for roll call, and the work towards becoming a Cadet can begin.

On a Run… Just for Fun
PT stands for “physical training”; and during this two hour block, your Cadet Instructors will take you through a variety of physical activities, from basic calisthenics to runs through the surrounding neighborhoods to the LAPD Physical Fitness Qualifier. The actual activities will change from week to week, but the focus will always remain the same – to not only make you physically fit, but to challenge you to push yourself and your body to a higher level of excellence.

And Now the Real Fun Begins
Recruits will be able to experience numerous courses related to law enforcement, all of which are taught by sworn officers from across the Department who are experts in the field they teach. Each class is designed to give Recruits a hands-on opportunity to not only learn about different assignments within LAPD, but to learn skills that can be applied to every part of a Recruit’s life, as well. Each future Cadet will be taught the Department’s Core Values and will be given an opportunity to utilize them in exercises focused on leadership and teamwork. Ultimately, every Recruit will be challenged to first set their own personal goals and then strive to exceed them.

Show me End of Watch
EOW is the “end of watch”. The Cadet Academy normally ends at 1530 hours, however each recruit is expected to carry the lessons that they learn in leadership, civic service, and the importance of character into their daily lives. The time spent in the Academy is not simply a way to prepare to become an LAPD Cadet; it’s a way to prepare for the rest of your life.


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