Former Recruit Corner


You did it! You invested 18 Saturdays of your life and finally earned the title “LAPD Cadet”. What does your accomplishment mean to you, or rather, what do you want it to mean? Before you joined, what came to mind when you thought of the LAPD Cadets?



Leadership, discipline, determination, honesty, compassion? Hopefully you now understand that Cadets are to represent all of these traits and more. As you learned in the Academy, it truly is within your power to be the change that you want to see in the world. If it is your belief that Cadets should embody honesty, hard work, and compassion then it is your responsibility to lead by example! This is your program now too, make your Academy instructors, YSOs, and the community that you serve proud!

Once again, congratulations and always remember to “Dare to  Dream”Dare to Dream!

Los Angeles Police Department – Community Youth Program